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What is Whole of Life Cover?

A Whole of Life Cover plan is a life cover plan with no end date i.e it pays a lumpsum on your death, whenever that may be. This type of plan is commonly used to cover funeral costs or inheritance tax bills.

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Why choose a Guaranteed Whole of Life
Cover plan?

Fixed Cost

The monthly and annual premium amount remains the same throughout the policy and is paid off to the insured in case of his death.

Cash Back Option

Certain plans offer a cash back option after an initial period should you decide you no longer wish to continue with cover.

Guaranteed Lump Sum payout

As the plan has no end date you know a lump is guaranteed to be paid on your death, provided you continue to pay the premiums.

Tax efficient

The plan will cover the inheritance tax on your assets that your family will be accountable for in case of your death.