What Do You Mean by ‘Definition’ of the Illnesses?

It’s a bit confusing and requires a lot of reading, but it all depends on how each insurer defines and specifies each illness in the policy. For instance, the following can be found in Royal London’s definition of “Heart Surgery”:

2. Medical treatment using aorta grafts

A definition of policy

The act of having an aorta-related operation that involves the surgical removal and replacement of a piece of the damaged aorta with a graft. The abdominal and thoracic aortas are included in the term aorta but not its branches. Surgery for a traumatic aortic injury requiring aortic excision and replacement with a graft under general anesthesia is also covered.

The following things are excluded from the previous definition:

– Any additional surgical treatment, such as endovascular repair or the placement of stents.

If a stent was installed during cardiac surgery, you might assume that you would be covered. However, because of the exclusion listed above, you are not.


As I previously stated, carefully examine the definitions and analyse your options before choosing the coverage that best suits your needs.


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