Life & Serious Illness - Financial life

Why do you need a Serious Illness Cover?

  • An important living benefit of life insurance

    If included in the policy, it can pay out while a person is still alive.

  • Lump Sum Cash payout

    Claim amount can help the insured to recover from illness without financial woes.

  • Free children’s specified illness cover

    This additional benefit is available as part of parents cover, subject to conditions.

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Financial Support in the event of Illness

Serious Illness Cover is opted as an additional benefit to most life insurance policies. It can be purchased as standalone or combined with life insurance and mortgage protection under one policy.

What is Specified Illness Cover?

Specified illness Cover, also known as critical illness cover or serious illness cover is

What Specified Illnesses are Covered?

The specified illnesses covered can vary, with some insurers covering up to 91 diseases.

Why should I have a Specified Illness cover?

The reality is serious illness can strike at any time and the financial implications

Different Types of Specified Illness Cover

Accelerated Specified Illness Cover- This type of cover will be linked to a life

What is the difference between Single, Joint and Dual cover?

Single Cover means one person will be covered under the plan and only one

How much Specified Illness Cover do I need?

It depends on many factors including your income, financial commitments, family size, etc.