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Why Life Cover?

At Financial Life, we assure to protect your family’s financial security in your absence with our best life insurance plans. We ensure that the living standard of your family is maintained through the lump sum paid. The amount can be used for repaying debts, paying the rental cost, funding education of children, paying funeral costs, paying inheritance tax.

Terminal Illness Cover

Continuation / Convertible Option


Specified Illness Cover

Single, Joint and Dual Cover

How much life cover do I need?

The amount of cover you need to protect your family depends on various factors like:

  • Your monthly budget for life cover

    Is the cost of the monthly budget for life cover affordable to you?

  • Your income

    How intensely will the loss of your income affect your family?

  • Family needs

    How much amount is needed to meet your day to day family needs?

  • Mortgage Balance

    Have you got mortgage protection( hyperlink mortgage protection to mortgage protection page) cover?

  • All other outstanding debts

    How much amount would be needed to clear all your outstanding debts?

  • Existing Protection

    What life cover do you currently have to take care of your family financially in case of your death?

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How much does life insurance cost?

Life insurance cost depends on the type of policy you opt. Generally, term insurances are less costly affairs compared to permanent insurance. Following are factors that decide the cost of the insurance:


Younger policyholders will pay less premium because the chances that the insurer has to pay off the claim increases with age.


A history of chronic disease, serious illness, etc. can increase your premium amount.


If you are a smoker, you will have to pay a higher premium than usual.


Your premiums could be higher if you have risky jobs.