Who Can be Covered?

Single cover
This policy only provides coverage for one individual. If this person passes away during the policy’s term, the coverage sum will be paid to their estate or lender, whichever they choose.

Dual Cover
This insurance provides coverage for both parties independently on one policy. Currently, with some providers in Ireland you can get Dual Cover for the same price as joint cover, so double the cover for no extra charge! For example, €200,000 Dual Cover plan has the potential to pay out €400,000, €200,000 for each life.

Joint Cover
This policy provides coverage for two persons. but will ever payout on one life only. For instance, “Joint Life, First Death” will pay on the death of the first person to die and then the plan will end. For example, a €200,000 Joint Life plan has the potential to payout a maximum of €200,000  only.


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Mortgage Protection

Repays mortgage if the insured dies or suffers a terminal illness.

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Life Insurance

Ensures the financial stability of the family if the insured dies.

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Life & Serious Illness cover

The insurance plan gives coverage against specific diseases.

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Income Protection

Ensures a regular income for the insured who is unable to work.

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Whole of Life cover

If you are looking for a life cover plan with a guaranteed payout then a Whole Of Life Cover Plan is just for you.

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